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Anudina Suvarnaprashan - #1 Ayurvedic Daily Tonic for Kids (1 bottle = Upto 6 months dosage)


Anudina Suvarnaprashan - #1 Ayurvedic Daily Tonic for Kids (1 bottle = Upto 6 months dosage)

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Anudina Suvarnaprashan - #1 Daily Tonic for your Kid's Immunity and Overall Development (Trusted by Thousands of Parents)

Immunity in children is a challenge to parents in this day and age.  Serious concerns of low immunity levels which frequently lead to recurrent viruses, lack of concentration, attention / memory deficit and hyperactivity are hounding us forever.

In today’s times everything seems to be against the principles of natural habitat and healthy living – pollution, fast food, unhealthy habits, overuse of technology, not enough fresh air, competitive school environments, peer pressure.

How do we protect our children in this scenario to ensure that they develop an immune system which will help them optimally grow mentally and physically?

While allopathic vaccines address specific viruses and bacteria there are no allopathic solutions to enhance general, non specific immunity in children.

WHAT IS Suvarnaprashan?

(also known as Swarna amruta prashana, Swarnaprashana, Swarna prashan, Swarn prashan, Swarna bindu prashana)

Ayurveda is a life science with special emphasis on prevention of diseases and defence mechanisms for the preservation of the mind and body.

An ancient Samskara (ritual) mentioned and recommended by the Maharishi Kashyapa in the Kashyapa Samhita is the Suvarnaprashana meaning the ingestion of gold ashes.  This ritual is one of the 16 rites laid down for human beings in the Ayurvedic classics. 

Advocated specifically for children from birth to the age of 16 this time-tested, ancient practice has proved to enhance immunity in children while naturally boosting a child’s health and intellect.

At Nirogam we offer Anudina Suvarnaprashan, a daily dose to bolster your child’s immunity.

How does Suvarnaprashan help?

The classical scriptures very specifically spell out the benefits of Suvarnaprashan.

In the above Shloka, the Pediatric classical Ayurvedic text - gives a detailed note of the benefits of Suvarnaprashan. Roughly translated it outlines the following virtues of regular Suvarnaprashan:

Medha Vardhana – Improved intelligence / intellect

Agni Vardhana – Improved digestion and metabolism

Bala Vardhana – Improved strength and immunity

Ayushyam Vardhana – Improved life expectancy

Mangalam, – Auspicious

Punyam - Virtuous

Vrushyam – Aphrodisiac

Varnyam – Improved Complexion

Grahapaham – Protection from evils or planetary influences

Shrutadhara – Improved powers of absorption and memory

Results in this Day and Age?

In practice, regular doses of Suvarnaprashan have proved :


  • To be excellent immunity boosters for children from 0-16 years of age
  • To prevent recurrent cold, cough and fever

  • To improve intelligence, memory, and oratory skills


  • To enhance focus, attention span, retention and recall capacity

  • To improve complexion and impart a healthy glow

  • To improve appetite and digestion in children with poor eating habits

  • To be very useful in prevention of bacterial and viral infections

  • To improve physical development

What about Special Children?

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Suvarnaprashan is known to have invaluable benefits to children with special conditions like ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder), delayed milestones, learning difficulties, Dyslexia and Autism.

Daily doses of Suvarnaprashan have proved useful to improve memory, attention spans, focus, calm temper tantrums and agitation in special children.

 Apart from the above advantages Suvarnaprashan is known to have anti- inflammatory, antiarthritic, anticarcinogenic and antioxidant properties.

Why a Daily Dose?

The classical scriptures mention doses of Suvarnaprashan to be given on the occasion of Pushya Nakshatra, which occurs every 28 days.

Today, the heightened burden on children to perform both physically and mentally and the unique environmental conditions makes this dosage defunct. 

We need more robust interventions to protect our children today than our ancestors did thousands of years ago.  If we want the full benefits of Suvarnaprashan as described in the age old scriptures an everyday dose is most effective.

The Kashyapa Samhita itself prescribes a daily dose to take full advantage of its benefits.

What is Anudina Suvarnaprashan ?

Anudina Suvarnaprashan is a hand-formulated, freshly prepared formulation by renowned Ayurvedic Physician, Dr.Santosh of Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center.  Since 1997 he follows the guidelines in the Ayurvedic classics to the letter and each batch is personally supervised by the doctor and packed by his team.

How is it Made?

Swarna Bhasma (Gold Bhasma)
Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)
 Vacha (Acorus calamus)
Trikatu (Pippali, Pepper & Ginger)
Aragwadha (Cassia fistula)
Shankhapushpi(Convolvulus pluricaulis)
Yastimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum)
Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)
Amalaki (Emblica officinalis).

The swarna bhasma (Gold Ashes) and herbs are measured out in exact quantities and processed together. The added herbs are carefully chosen and curated to maximize the benefits of Suvarnaprashan. Brain tonics like Brahmi, Shankapushpi and  digestives like Trikatu, immunomodulators like Guduchi, Amalaki and other herbs are mixed.

Why Anudina Suvarnaprashan?

Anudina Suvarnaprashan is in dry powder form and so easy to measure out the appropriate dosage according to the age of the child and mix it with honey to facilitate easy administration.

Semi - liquid dosages are not as easily measurable and pose problems since the heavy gold may settle and not mix properly.  The suspension needs to be shaken thoroughly and even then one cannot easily measure how much bhasma is being given to the child.  Moreover such semi – liquid suspensions contain Brahma Ghritha (processed ghee) which solidifies in winter and makes measuring the dosage difficult.  Additionally Brahma Ghritha has an expiry date while the gold bhasma doesn’t.

The ease of carrying a bottled powder is an added advantage of Anudina Suvarnaprashan.

The advantage of being easily able to measure and mix the powder saves parents trips to clinics helps them to conveniently dispense it at home on a daily basis.

The best ingredients and processes are used to ensure safety and efficacy of Anudina Suvarnaprashan.  ‘Rasamaaritha Swarna bhasma’ is used which is the best known processed Gold bhasma both in terms of efficacy and safety.  The ingredients are precisely measured to form an easily absorbable and highly potent powder to give maximum benefits to your child.

At What Age to Start?

UNICEF maintains that the most rapid development of the brain is in childhood and this is the time when it is most critical to establish a child’s immunity.  Obviously then, childhood interventions will provide a sturdy foundation for good health and enhanced productivity in the future.

Numerous childhood maladies like allergic disorders have been attributed to environmental exposure before and after birth.  This is when the child’s immune system needs to kick in and do its job to protect it from long term damage.

It thus becomes imperative for us to ensure that we do our utmost to improve our child’s immunity in her/his early years.  Studies prove that interventions in early childhood have lasting effects on intellectual capacity, health, personality and social behaviour.

There is a clear recommendation in the scriptures to start at birth and continue until the age of 16 years.  However if you have not started at birth you can start administering Suvarnaprashan at any age before 16.  It is also said to have beneficial effects on adults, however is proved to be most effective if administered in childhood.

How to Administer?

Anudian Suvarnaprashan is most effective if given early in the morning on an empty stomach.  However the ingredients are processed in such a way as to make it highly absorbable and potent.  So if early morning is not convenient it can be given later in the day too.

Using the measuring scoop provided, measure out the right dose as per the dosage table and mix with milk, sugar or honey as recommended in the table below.

Suvarnaprashan can be taken with other medications also and has no known drug reactions.

Regular doses are highly beneficial but don’t worry if you miss some or discontinue. 

Dosage according to age:



0-1 year

half scoop with mother’s milk/cow’s milk with powdered sugar (sugar is optional)

1-5 years

1 scoop with half tsp of honey

5-10 years

1.5 scoops with 1 tsp of honey

10-16 years

2 scoops with 2 tsp of honey

How Long to Administer?

Anudina Suvarnaprashan has proved to be very beneficial when administered for a month’s time after birth.

It is also known to have facilitated enhanced mental and physical development if continued for 6 months.

The scriptures note that benefits of improved intellect and absorption are noted in children who are regularly given Suvaranaprashan for a month and 6 months respectively.

Does it have an Expiry Date?

Anudina Suvarnaprashan is regularly made in fresh batches. This ensures its efficacy and avoids issues of safety.  Batches are not stored for longer periods of time and each batch is carefully formulated to preserve its quality. 

Each container has an expiry period of 24 months.

Are there any Side Effects ?

No side effects have ever been reported. The formulation is carefully prepared with the best ingredients, in small batches to ensure quality and potency.

Is Gold Bhasma Safe to Consume?

Gold Bhasma or ash used in Anudina Suvarnaprashan is obtained through a process of incineration.  Basically the gold is thermally treated and reduced to ash.  The raw gold is purified and then reacted with minerals and herbal extracts to ensure safety.  So consuming Gold Bhasma is not the same as consuming the metal.

The National Center for Biotechnology information has conducted detailed studies on Gold Bhasma and has vouched for the safety of Gold Bhasma. It likens the properties of the bhasma to that of nano particles which are very similar to blood circulation. The study reinforces Swarna bhasma as having therapeutic properties.

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