Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicocele (No Surgery Required)

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicocele (No Surgery Required)

  • Reduces the varicosity of blood vessels. 
  • Relieves stasis of blood and pain in the scrotum. 
  • Improves the production and motility of the sperm. 
  • Removes discomfort. 
  • Has a calming effect on the mind. 
    Nirogam's Ayurvedic treatment for Varicocele consists of 

    1. Chirivilwadi kasayam tablets - 100 tablets x 1 

    2. Sukumaram kashayam tablets-  100 tablets x 1

    3. Chandrprabha vati - 120 tablets x 1 


    Chirivilwadi kashayam tablets  - 1 tablet  30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with warm water 

    Sukumaram kashayam tablets - 1 tablet 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with warm water 

    Chandraprabha vati - 2 tablets, after breakfast and dinner with warm water. 



    Chirivilwadi Kashayam Tablets 


    Chirivilwadi Kashayam effectively treats hemorrhoids, constipation, fistula, and piles. It also reduces bloating and improves digestion. Due its property to shrink and relive the varicosity, it is effective in the treatment of varicocele. 


    Sukumaram  Kashayam Tablets

    sukumaram kashayam is a well known ayurvedic medicine to correct the vata – kapha disorders. It is known to be a natural cure for infertility, lumps in the abdomen, BPH and varicocele. Sukumara kashayam pacifies the vata-kapha defects in the scrotum and the blood vessels thus reducing the varicosity and stasis of blood. It also helps in strengthening the walls of the blood vessels, relieves pain and discomfort  and has a calming effect on the mind.

    Chandraprabha Vati

    This Ayurvedic classical preparation  recommended in all urinary disorders as well as infertility. This improves sperm motility and production, as well as relieves any pain. 

    You can address Varicocele now, without any surgery, with this combo treatment pack. Order yours today.


    Diet and lifestyle recommendations for managing varicocele:

    Recommended diet:

    Buttermilk, red variety of rice, radish, horse gram, ginger, pepper, pomegranate, sour fruits, jaggery, ghee, meat soup, and milk are to be consumed.


    Water boiled with ginger and coriander has to be sipped throughout the day.

    Diet to be avoided:

    Spicy, salty, sour and astringent food substances.

    Junk food, soda, sugary drinks and alcohol

    Food stuff that is heavy to digest like cream, meat, and fats of cow, fish, pig, buffalo, sheep, goat etc

    Lifestyle practises to Avoid:

    Sleep during the day time

    Sedentary lifestyle

    Sitting on hard seats

    Excessive exposure to the heat of the sun

    Riding on uneven roads

    Straining during defecation

    Forcibly holding the reflexes of defecation and urination, farting


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