Bedag Lep Skin Care Cream for Stretch Marks and Hyperpigmentation

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Bedag Lep Skin Care Cream is perfect for 

  • Stretch mark removal
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Dark spot corrector
  • Clears white patches on skin and dark spots on face.

Method of use:

Apply generously on the affected areas, after bath and before going to sleep in the night. 

Packaging Size:

50 grams


BEDAG LEP is a balanced formula of time tested Ayurvedic herbs prepared after intensive research.

BEDAG LEP shows remarkable effect on stretch marks, patches, skin discoloration, blemishes and dark spots. With its unique combination of herbs, BEDAG LEP penetrates deep in to the layers of the skin to regulate the melanin synthesis which controls the colour of the skin. As it heals the damaged tissues of the skin it improves strength and flexibility of the skin. As its name suggests, BEDAG LEP (anti marks pack) imparts softness and natural sheen to the skin naturally. 

Ailments Addressed:
Blemishes are dark patches or areas of discoloration on skin. Blemishes occur due to many reasons such as boils, pimples, cuts, burns, and due to skin diseases and infections. Environmental factors like pollution, sun exposure, stress and hormonal changes are additional causes of blemishes. At times, due to hypopigmentation or hyper pigmentation blemishes of light or dark colour can appear on the skin. Blemishes also appear in the form of dark circles around eyes. 
Though they are harmless, they cause inferiority complex, discomfort and lack of confidence in the sufferer.

Stretch Marks
Skin is naturally elastic in nature. Stretch marks occur when there is a rapid pulling of skin. When skin is pulled the normal production of collagen is disrupted forming stretch marks. Collagen is the major protein that makes up the connective tissue in skin. Basically, whoever undergoes a rapid change in their body can develop stretch marks. In women, during pregnancy, the skin expands and stretches causing stretch marks on abdomen. Stretch marks can be caused due to weight gain or obesity and weight loss as well. Bodybuilders are easily prone to stretch marks.

Stretch marks may fade or disappear over time. However, they take a long time to fade causing embarrassment and discomfort in the sufferers.

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