Brahmi Rasayana for Depression, ADD, ADHD, Memory - 250 Grams

Brahma Rasayana improves memory and mental health. It also effectively treats ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression and Alzheimers disease.

Nutritive Jam for Memory & Intelligence:

Brahmi Rasayana is a medicated jelly infused with brahmi. Brahmi, meaning one who gives supreme knowledge, was regarded by the ancients as a toner andrejuvenator of the mind, and was drinken as tea prior to meditation. It is perhaps themost important rejuvenating herb in ayurvedic medicine, and is the primary herb forrevitalizing the nerves and brain cells. It increases intelligence, longevity, and memory,and conversely decreases senility and aging. In this rejuvenative tonic the jaggery andhoney help to fortify the blood, cool the body, and encourage regeneration of tissue,while the ghee acts as a powerful vehicle taking the brahmi deep into the plasma, nervesand subtle tissues.

Brahmi Rasayana is mainly to improve the level of intelligence and concentration. This rasayana has got more to do with the psychological disturbances wherein they are used to reduce stress levels, anger, depression, restlessness and impatience. People anemic can take Brahmi Rasayana for it increases the level of haemoglobin. It also aids in controlling addiction.

Anti-Stress Brahmi Rasayana is a concentrated herbal paste excellent for revitalizing the nervous system and brain. Brahmi increases inteligence, longevity, memory, youthfullness and calms the nerves. It helps with concentration improvement and helps support the increase of cerebral blood circulation and increases red blood cells.

Brahmi Rasayana Benefits:

Indicated for stress management, anger management, aggressive behavior control, impatience reduction, better mental peace, tranquility, deeper meditation, and depression reduction.

Ingredients: Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) juice, jaggery and honey.

Packaging Size: 250 grams

Collections: Mental Health & Memory

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