Ginger Powder for Digestion, Bloating, Cramps - 200 Grams

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Ginger Powder relieves cramps and bloating, improves digestion and effectively prevents irrtiable bowel syndrome (IBS), diarrhea, gastritis, indigestion.

Dry ginger is hotter and drier than fresh. It is a better stimulant and expectorant for reducing Kapha and increasing Agni. Fresh ginger is a better diaphoretic, better for colds, cough, vomiting and for deranged Vata. The uses of ginger in digestive and respiratory diseases are well known. It is also good in arthritic conditions and it is tonic to the heart. It relieves gas and cramps in the abdomen, including menstrual cramps due to cold. Externally, it makes a good paste for pain and headaches.


Ayurvedic Usage: infusion, decoction, powder (250 to 500 mg), fresh juice No animal ingredients. Cruelty Free Certified Organic Product. Suitable for vegetarians.

Packaging Size: 100 grams

Dosage: 3 to 6 gm twice daily.

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