Nirogam Hair Tonic Kit

Nirogam All-new Hair Tonic Combo with Triphala and Neelibhringadi

  1. Reduces hair fall
  2. Nourishes the scalp and root of the hair 
  3. Prevents greying of hair 
  4. Helps fight dandruff

Nirogam's Hair revitalising combo consists of:

1. Neelibhringadi Oil  - 200ml x 1 
2. Triphala Capsules - 60 capsules x 2
3. Hairaan Lotion - 30 ml x 1 


1. Neelibhringadi Oil :

Apply every day 1 hour before bathing. Warm it up a little, and massage gently on your scalp

2. Triphala Capsules :

2 tablets with a glass of lukewarm water 1 hour before sleep every night.

3. Hairaan Lotion :

Wash your hair, and apply this lotion 10-15 drops after every bath. This lotion nourishes your hair follicles, and prevents greying.


Use this for 2 months. And report back the good results.
Ensure you do not have any spicy or oily foods, when you are taking this treatment.

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