KEYLIV MALT - 200gms

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  • Improve liver functions
  • Halts fatty enlargement of the liver and cirrhosis
  • Gives good results in hepatitis.


One-two tablespoons to be taken with milk or warm water, twice a day. 


Packaging Size:

200 gms 


Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation: 

This malt contains Kutki, Bhringraj, Bhui Amla, Kalmegh, Guduchi and Triphala Ghansatva

Magic malt for prevention and cure for all types of liver disorder. Improves digestion and stops fatty enlargement of liver and cirrhosis of the liver. Helps in drug/alcohol induced hepatitis, viral hepatitis.

Key Ingredients:

Each 10g contains

Bhui amla (800 mg), Bhring raj (500 mg), Kal megh (300 mg), Makoi (800 mg), Nagar motha (100 mg), Arjun (100 mg), Kutaki (125 mg), Ghrit kumari (100 mg), Gulkand (500 mg), Triphla (1500  mg), Vai vidang (50 mg), Draksha (100 mg), Ajwain (50 mg), Trikatu (150 mg), Saunf (50 mg), Jeera (50 mg), Punernavadi mandoor (50 mg), Praval panchamrat (20 mg), Shankh bashm (100 mg), Sharkara Q.S.

Not suitable for Diabetic patients. 

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