Kumkumadi Tailam for Smooth and Radiant Skin Complexion

Kumkumadi Tailam nourishes the skin ensuring a smooth and radiant complexion. It also effectively treats acne and removes acne scars.

This unique blend of oils and herbs with pure saffron is formulated to help skin look young healthy and spotless. It is helpful to remove pimples, acne, dark spots and also skin cracks. This very rich oil nourishes the skin, improves his texture and help smooth fine lines. It’s a rare and essential beauty treatment.

Ingredients: Each 100ml of certified organic Sesame oil isprocessed with cow’s milk*, Kumkuma Crocus Sativus*,Vettivera Zizanoides*,Rubia cordifolia*, Glycyrhhiza glabra*, Cinnamomum Tamala*, Prunus cerasoides*,Nuciferra graten*, Santalum album*, Curcuma longa*, burberis Aristata*,Mesua ferra*, Beutea monosperma*, Ficus Religiosa*, Jasminum officianale*, AlphiniaGalanga*, Acorus calamus*, Bee Wax*.

*certified organically grown

Made with 100% certified Organic Herbs.

No Heavy Metals.

No Added Artificial Flavours.

No Chemical preservatives.

No Pesticides.

No genetically Modified Crop Material used.

Kum Kumadi Thailam is an ayurvedic product which is excellent for the skin treatment especially for dark circles under the eyes, very effective in improving Glow. Awaken the beauty goddess from within with this beauty fluid - all natural saffron oil - This unique blend of oils and herbs is formulated to help skin look young and healthy. In Ayurveda, rare saffron helps illuminate skin color.

Whichever is your skin tone, Kum Kumadi Tailam makes it two shades lighter. For best results, apply Kum Kumadi Tailam every week continuously for 2-3 months. Kum Kumadi Tailam is so effective, that it will take you to the heights of popularity and success.


  • Cleanse face, pat dry.
  • Gently massage 5-10 drops of Kum Kumadi Tailam.
  • Allow the application to remain on face for at least 5-10 minutes before rinsing.
  • For best results, allow the application to remain overnight.

Packaging Size: 200ml