Kuntal Care Malt - 200gms


  • Improves the strength of hair follicles

  • Reduces hair fall

  • Relieves headache or heaviness of the head

  • Promotes lush growth of hair


One-two tablespoons to be taken with milk or warm water, twice a day. 


Packaging size:

200 gms 

This malt contains Bhrigraj , Sariva , Jatamansi, Dhatri loh and Chandi bhasm

Beneficial for smooth, silky and healthy hair. Bhringraj helps foster hair follicles. Kuntal Care Malt is a natural therapy for preventing hair loss. Chandi bhasm helps with an acute headache and enhances the blood flow to the roots. Dhatri loh is a source of iron and stops hair fall. Sariva roots are used as blood-purifier. The extract of Jatamansi helps in hair growth.

Key Ingredients:

Each10gm.contains: Amla (4000 mg), Harad 500 mg), Gulkand (500 mg), Bhringraj (500 mg), Brahmi (250 mg), Giloy (250 mg), Ashwagandha (100 mg), Baheda (200 mg),Mulethi (50 mg), Badam giri (50 mg),  Aloe vera (50 mg), Sariva (50 mg),Khadira(50 mg),Kusha(25 mg), Jatamansi (25 mg), Chironji (25 mg),Trikatu (120mg), Dalchini (30 mg), Elaichi (10 mg), Smrati sagar ras(50mg), Tarkeshwar ras(50mg), Dhatri loh (50 mg), Chandi  bhasm (2 mg), Sugar and malt base ,Flavoured and Presevetives :- (sodium benzoate, Sodiume methylparaben & Sodiume propylparaben.) Q.

Not for Diabetic patients.

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