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Liver Rejuvenator for Hepatitis & Fatty Liver - 150 Capsules - Nirogam

Satguru Ayurveda

Liver Rejuvenator for Hepatitis & Fatty Liver - 150 Capsules

Rs. 500.00 INR

L.T. Liver Rejuvenator protects the liver from hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver and other liver diseases. It removes liver toxins and cures enlarged liver and spleen. It facilitates regeneration of liver tissue and improves the overall functioning of the liver.

Satguru Ayurved's L.T. is a hepato-protective medicine.Useful in painful gouts, liver diseases. Removes toxins of the liver. Very useful in curing enlarged liver and spleen. Helps in hepatic (liver) inflammation.Encourages liver to stimulate secretion of bile. Regenerates damaged liver tissue. Improves over all functioning of liver. Eradicates Cirrhosis of liver. Lowers liver cholesterol. Can be used by children suffering from liver and digestive system.

Dosage: 2 Capsules in the morning, 2 Capsules in the evening or as directed by the physician.
For Child: Remove contents of capsule & mix with 1/2 tea spoon of honey & have it with water. Or as directed by thy physician.

Diet: Avoid Oily & Spicy Foods. Avoid intake of citrus fruits.

Advised light foods.

Packaging Size: 150 Capsules

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