Nirogam's Ayurvedic kit for Hirsutism

Nirogam's Ayurvedic kit for Hirsutism:

  1. Controls growth of unwanted hair growth in the face and body. 
  2. Prevents the regrowth of thick hair follicles that are treated with sessions of electrolysis/ laser beams. 
  3. Rejuvenates and helps the skin to shed dry cells, pimples, and other skin related problems. 

Nirogam's Ayurvedic kit for Hirsutism consists of: 

1. Lomashathana thailam - 25ml x 1 
2. Katuri Haldi powder 50gm x 1 


Take 10 – 15ml – external application.

Mode of administration:

  • The oil is mixed with equal quantities of kasturi haldi and applied on the face.
  • Wash it off with warm water after 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Repeated use give better results.


Lomasathana Thailam

Lomasathana thailam is an ayurvedic herbal oil for Removing unwanted hair from body. This oil come from the great Ashta vaidya tradition of Kerala and is very effective in removing unwanted hair due to different aetiology like PCOS, hormone imbalance, etc.


Hirtsutism- unwanted hair growth in the face and body


·         Haridra – Curcuma longa

·         Kadali kanda – Musa paradisiaca

·         Palasha bhasma –Ash of Butea monosperma

·         Shankha bhasma –Ash of Turbinella pyrum

·         Talaka bhasma –Ash of purified haritala

·         Sarshapa thailam – oil of Brassica nigra

Lomashathana thailam works best with :

Kasturi Haldi powder


·         Do not apply on skin prone to acne.

·         Do not apply on wounds or burnt skin.

·         This medicine is to be avoided in girls who have not attained puberty

·         Keep out of reach of children

·         Internal administration might be harmful

·         Store in a cool and dry place.


Kasturi Haldi (Turmeric)

Kasturi Haldi (Turmeric Curcumin) Face Pack has antiseptic, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties 


• It rejuvenates and helps the skin to shed dry cells, pimples, and other skin related problems. It helps in getting rid of unwanted hairs from the body.

• It contains a compound known as ‘curcumin’ which forms the yellow pigment; this in turn functions as a coloring agent to impart a brighter skin complexion.

• Kasturi Haldi is an anti-oxidant that assists in attacking free radicals to give a youthful looking skin, devoid of rashes and other disorders.


1. Kasturi Haldi to Treat Acne:

Kasturi Haldi face masks are very effective in treating acne. Mix some Kasturi Haldi with sandalwood powder and apply it on your face. Keep for about ten minutes and wash off. Make a Kasturi Haldi scrub to cure acne faster. Mix Kasturi Haldi powder with a few drops of mustard oil and lemon juice. Apply it directly on your acne. Leave on for fifteen minutes and scrub gently. Wash with plain water. Do it three times every week.

2. Kasturi Haldi to treat Pigmentation:

Mix Kasturi Haldi with lemon juice and apply it your face once every day. Regular application of this paste would help to combat pigmentation efficiently. If you do not have lemon at home, you can substitute it with cucumber juice.

3. Kasturi Haldi for treating Wrinkles:

Mix Kasturi Haldi with sugarcane juice and apply it on your face to tackle wrinkle problems. Add some buttermilk to Kasturi Haldi and apply this paste around your eyes to eliminate wrinkles from that sensitive area. Both the recipes should be kept on for around twenty minutes and then washed off with cool water.

4. Kasturi Haldi for treating Cracked Heels:

If you are suffering from cracked heels, mix three spoons of Kasturi Haldi with a few drops of coconut oil. Applying this will give relief to your heels. Alternately, you can apply a mixture of Kasturi Haldi and castor oil, apply it on your heels ten minutes before taking bath and do it regularly till your heels are in good condition. Kasturi Haldi acts as a healing agent.

5. Kasturi Haldi to get rid of Dead Cells:

Mix some gram flour with Kasturi Haldi and make a paste by adding water. Apply it on your body and scrub gently while you take bath. Do this regularly to get rid of dead cells and gain a spotless and glowing skin.


• Mix Kasturi Haldi with warm coconut oil/ Lomashathana thailam. Apply it on your body to reduce hair growth.

• Avoid stretch marks by applying a paste of Kasturi Haldi and curd everyday during your pregnancy on your stomach.

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