Meri Gaiya Desi Cow Ghee from Pure A2 milk - 1 kg

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There is nothing ordinary about Meri Gaiya Desi Ghee.

Capt. Ishwer Singh of Delhi is a Ghee Connoisseur, having savoured the finest desi ghees through his life. He is confident that Meri Gaiya ghee is one of the most natural tasting ghees today. Mohit Aggarwal, a yoga expert consumed Meri Gaiya for 2 months and says that his energy levels went up tremendously due to its purity. Ramesh Sethia could make out its purity from the fact that it leaves zero residue behind.

So what makes Meri Gaiya Desi Ghee so special? Perhaps it has to do with the reasons that we make it. There are three of them - the farmers, the cows and of course you.

Farmers, especially those who rear desi A2 cows live on the edge of subsistence. The cows they raise produce barely half the milk of imported A1 cows. Moreover, there is hardly any awareness for the beneficial effects of A2 milk (and the resultant milk products). We have taken it upon ourselves to help them make a decent living by increasing awareness and demand for their quality produce. We feel pleased to share with you that for every litre of ghee that you buy, we donate Rs. 100 to Eazy Help Foundation, which is working hard for the upliftment of the poorest farmers in the Western UP region.

Cows in the Meri Gaiya fold live the happy life too. Each one of them is treated like a part of the family by the farmer. They don’t have to jostle for space as each has at least 150 sq ft to stretch her legs and to have social interactions with other cows in her group. She can go over, lick another cow or butt her away, if she is in that kind of mood. But for her, the real joy is the fact that her calf is not snatched from her till he is old enough to be weaned.

And one more thing - when she reaches old age and stops producing milk, she is not let loose to feed on street garbage or packed off in a truck to the butcher. She is shifted to a caring Gaushala where she is taken care of till she breathes her last.

Now let’s talk about you, your family and their health.

Do you know that like all mammal mothers, a cow can give milk only till the time her baby continues to suckle? But most farmers, in order to survive, separate her from the calf. So, how does she still continue to give milk? This is where Oxytocin injections come into the picture. Oxytocin is a hormone that keep the cows lactating. Needless to say, it has harmful effects on their health and the hormone also finds its way into the milk and milk products that you consume. This does NOT happen at the dairies and cows under the Meri Gaiya care. We take only the milk that is left over after the calf has had its fill. Also, each cow is fed with only organic feed (no pesticides, whatsoever). In fact, after we get a new cow into the dairy, we put her through a detoxification process and start using her milk only after 45 days. This ensures that her body gets rid of all the pesticide laden feed she had been fed till then.

All Natural. Made only from the A2 milk of lovingly reared Desi Cows. And Hand-made.

All this might explain why Meri Gaiya is Ghee, the way it used to be when your great grandmother made it lovingly with her hands. Afterall, your family’s health is worth it, isn’t it?