Organic Kushmanda Rasayana for Respiratory Disorders

Kushmanda Rasayana for respiratory disorders.

Kushmanda rasayana is a famous Ayurvedic medicine in herbal jam form. It is a nourishing ayurvedic medicine, used in respiratory conditions, to improve immunity and strength. It is also known by the terms Kooshmanda Rasayana, Kushmanda Avalaeha, Kushmanda lehyam, Kushmandavaleha, Kooshmandavaleha. Kooshmanda refers to ash gourd, which is the main ingredient of this preparation. Avaleha or lehyam refers to its herbal jam form. Rasayana – refers to its rejuvenation property.


  • Kushmanda rasayana is used in the treatment of bleeding disorders, emaciation, chronic respiratory conditions requiring nutrition and strength, vomiting
  • It is usually administered after a person has recovered from fever, to improve strength
  • It is also used along with or after anti tuberculosis treatment to improve general health, strength and weight. It helps to minimize the side effects of anti tuberculosis medications by supporting liver and improving digestion and providing much needed respiratory strength
  • It brings about rejuvenation, improves strength


Kushmanda ash gourd 4.8 kg is cut into pieces, skin and seeds are removed, boiled in small quantity of water, squeezed to obtain juice.The pulp is fried in 768 grams of ghee. The juice is added with the fried pulp plus 4.8 kg of sugar. It is further heated to semisolid consistency. Then following ingredients are added:

Pippali – 96 g, Ginger – 96 g, white caraway – Jeera – 96 g, Cinnamon – 24 g, Patra – Cinnamomum tamala – 24 g, Cardamom – 24 g, Black pepper – 24 g, Coriander seed – 24 g, After cooling down, 384 g of honey is added, mixed well. This preparation is to be made in copper vessel.


6 – 12 grams to be administered along with water or milk, before or after food, once or twice a day, or as directed by ayurvedic doctor.

Packaging Size: 250 grams

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