Organic Spirulina Powder a Super Food

Organic Spirulina Powder is a super food with its natural abundant source of antioxidants and is rich in vitamins and amino acids.

Spirulina is a blue - green algae, a superfood rich in anti oxidants, often recommended by doctors and nutritionists. It is a natural source of antioxidants like superoxide dismutase, beta carotene, chlorophyll, iron, vegetable proteins, Vitamins K and B and more. Organic Spirulina Powder is manufactured using pure vegetarian organic nutrients which are “Certified Organic”. Unlike regular Spirulina, no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or trace minerals are used for cultivation of Organic Spirulina. No additional trace minerals like Iron are added during the cultivation process.

Benefits of Organic Spirulina Powder:

  • Helpful in skin allergies, acne scars and other skin problems
  • Anti aging food to arrest the signs of aging
  • Increases immunity and repairs cell damage
  • Regulates cholesterol and removes toxins
  • 100% organic and vegetarian suitable for vegans
  • Non-GMO , Gluten – Free
  • Suitable if you can't eat a balanced diet or need extra nutrients through supplementation.

Organic Spirulina offers one of the richest nutrient profiles and has 30% to 40% more phytopigments than other brands in the market. (India)

Nutritional Profile of Organic Spirulina:

  • Total carotenoids:4000 to 6500:mcg/g: (0.4 - 0.65)%
  • Xanthophylls: 2500 to 4700mcg/g:(0.25 - 0.47)%
  • Beta carotene: 1500 to 2500mcg/g:(0.15 - 0.25)%
  • Phycocyanin : (15 - 19)%
  • Chlorophyll “a” (1.24 - 1.68)% with low pheophorbides

Organic Spirulina has low heavy metals and meets the stringent California Prop 65 norms for low heavy metal content.

Low Heavy Metals

Lead< 0.20 PPM

Arsenic< 0.50 PPM

Cadmium< 0.20 PPM

Mercury< 0.05 PPM


Standard Plate Count (cfu/1g)< 50,000, Yeast & Mould (cfu/1g)< 100, Coliform (/25g), Negative, E. coli (/25g), Negative, Light Filth<50/ 50g

Packaging Size: 100 Grams

Note: Ask your doctor if you have an autoimmune disease or suffer from food allergy.

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