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Q-Veg COQ10 Capsules for Heart Health, Diabetes - 30 Capsules


Q-Veg COQ10 Capsules for Fatigue, Stamina, Cellular Energy, and Cardiovascular Health - 30 Capsules

Rs. 1,800.00 INR

Q-Veg COQ10 Capsules effectively prevent congestive heart failure and heart disease. It lowers bad cholesterol and helps manage diabetes.

Q-veg features the World's purest 100% natural, bio-identical, most researched CoQ10; 206mg natural CoQ10 per serving; 10mg Piperine for superior bio-availability and bio-absorption; 30 veg. capsules; Single bond, yeast fermented, trans isomer CoQ10; The same CoQ10 used in majority of clinical trials for the past 30 years; Suitable for Jains, vegans, and vegetarians; Registered by the Vegan Society - UK

Ingredients: Ubidecarenone, Piper Nigurm (Black pepper)

Dosage: adults take 1 capsule a day.

Packaging Size: 30 Capsules.

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