Raynauds Disease Ayurveda Kit

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 Raynaud's Disease Ayurveda Kit

1. Improves blood flow to the limbs and extremities
2.Relieves spasms in the blood vessels 
3.Balances vata and pitta in the blood vessel. 

The Raynaud's disease kit  contains:

Mahamanjishtadi kashayam tablets - 100 tablets x 1 
Balaguluchyadi kashayam tablets - 100 tablets x 1
Kaisora guggulu - 120 tabets x 1 


Mahamanjishtadi kashayam tablets - 1 tablet  30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with warm water  
Balaguluchyadi kashayam tablets 1 tablet  30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with warm water 
Kaisora guggulu - 2 tablets, after breakfast and dinner with warm water. 

Mahamanjishtadi kashayam tablets : 

Maha Manjishtadi Kashayam is a very famous Ayurvedic medicine that is used in the treatment of skin diseases and disease of vata and pitta origin. It also detoxifies and clears the obstruction in blood flow. It is used in weight loss in obese persons. 

Balaguduchyadi kashayam tablets : 

Balaguduchyadi kashayam is another formulation tp calm the vata and pitta doshas. It is widely used in the treatment of Gout , burning sensation, fever, eruptions etc. 
This combination improves strength of muscles and improves blood flow.
Guluchi is a powerful immunomodulator and anti infllammatory herb.
Devadaru  is analgesic and anti inflammatory herb. Brings about Vata balance.

Kaisora guggulu: 

It is one of the very famous Ayurvedic herbal product. It acts as – aging skin health promoter, joint health, natural blood cleanser, useful as supportive dietary herbal supplement in many health conditions such as diabetes, skin diseases etc.