ZEO MALT 200gms

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  1. Relieves acidity, heartburn and flatulence
  2. Cures mouth ulcers
  3. Treats reflux oesophagitis and acid peptic disorder.


One-two tablespoons to be taken with milk or warm water, twice a day.
Not for Diabetic patients. Or as directed by the physician.


This malt contains Triphala, Ajwain, Marich and Sont

Neutralizes acidity, increases the pH level of the stomach, reduces the secretion of acid, promotes mucosal healing, prevent and treats constipation and enhances digestion activities. Useful in hyperacidity, heartburn, indigestion, flatulence,  dyspepsia, reflux oesophagitis and acid peptic disorder.

Key Ingredients:

Each 10g contains: Harad (1g), Amala (1g), Gulkand (1.2g), Pittapada (0.1g), Yashti madhu (0.1g), Draksha (0.1g), Patol patra (0.1g), Punernava (0.1g), Amaltas (0.1g), Triphla (0.3g), Saunf (0.05g), Jeera (0.1g), Dhania (0.05g), Sounth (0.2g), Marich (0.2g), Ajwain (0.2g), Pudina (0.5g), Pippali (0.5g), Hing (0.02g), Savarjika kshar (0.02g), Swarn makshik bhasm (0.002), Shankh bhasm (0.05g), Sutsekhar ras (0.05g), Amalpittantak loh (0.05g), Sita

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